Where a Discussion on Marriage Morality Belongs (It’s not the Indiana Statehouse)

People close to me know that I have a love/hate relationship with Indiana. The past few years I’ve made a point of traveling to and living in other places. The handful of reasons includes a change of pace, seeing the sun, better craft beer. You know – uptown problems.

I wasn’t born in Indiana, and used to have a very convoluted answer to the question “Where are you from?” I had a hard time admitting I was from Indiana. That flat, sunless cornfield-of-a flyover state.

Before the locals crucify me, know that I’m now over that piece of personal head-trash. Indiana is my adopted state. I’m a Hoosier now, and when you look around, it’s easy to find things to be proud of.

Until the state legislature does something hateful and ignorant.

I’m referring of course to Indiana House Joint Resolution 3 (HJR3, formerly HJR6).  In lieu of the sound bites and tweets that limit most public conversation about the issue, I thought it time to dust off my blog and flesh out a response.

My position is simple and direct. Marriage, being an institution whose morality has been traditionally governed by religious organization (Church, Mosque, Synagogue), has no place being morally regulated by state or federal government.

I’m a confirmed Lutheran. I say to my Christian counterparts: leave your Bible at home, it have no place legislating the lifestyles of other Hoosiers. Just as you wouldn’t expect state representatives to be quoting the Quran in the statehouse, neither should you expect them to defend their measures with verse from Leviticus.

No matter who you think should be allowed to marry, the Indiana Statehouse is not the appropriate forum. I say to my fellow Hoosiers: take Marriage back into the Church, the Synagogue, the Mosque. These are the places for defining our morality.

** Update 1/31/14**

Had a follow-up Facebook comment stream on this post that merits being added here. (And, who can say they’ve had a debate on Facebook that didn’t devolve into a screaming match?)

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