More than 140 characters of what I’m #thankful for.

Today (Black Friday) and yesterday’s (Thanksgiving) flurry of posts and tweets surrounding gratitude and the holiday have inspired me to create my own short list of things to be grateful for in 2009 as the year comes to a photo finish.

Despite what many are calling a disaster of a year business-wise, I’ll choose to focus on the good of 2009. What you focus on expands, and I’ll start at the top. These are the things I am thankful for:

1)    We still live in one of the greatest nations to grace the planet Earth.

Politics aside, the United States of America is still the most privileged nation on Earth. We may argue that our cushioned existences have become a trifle more difficult, and we are still healthy and wealthy in ways billions of people will never experience or understand (even we don’t fully grasp it).

2)     Technology and education empower us more than ever before.

I’m looking at you – yes you. The guy on the bus reading this on your iPhone. Innovation and new business ideas have been placed at the fingertips of everyone fortunate enough to have a computer and internet access. A new generation of Rembrandt’s, Einstein’s and Edison’s is emerging daily in the blogosphere, unencumbered by the traditional means to take their ideas to market.

3)    Support structures abound (where is yours?)

Even if I didn’t have an incredibly supportive immediate family to my Entrepreneurial efforts, the city of Indianapolis has literally dozens of networks to engage like-minded individuals. Between Rainmakers, Young Entrepreneurship organizations and others, it has become easy to find others to connect with and grow.

4)    Others have gone before.

Being somewhat the new player on the block (my hair isn’t quite gray yet), I’m incredibly thankful for the example set by the authors and entrepreneurs who have shared their stories in books, speeches and seminars designed to inspire the masses. Check out my recommended reading page for more on that.

5)    Because 5 is a round number, and because this list needs a light-hearted ending.

I’m thankful for the complete picture that is going to follow me writing this post, which is a retreat downstairs to eat dinner with my family, enjoy a glass of wine that my father made (the wine, not the glass), and be completely energized come tomorrow to make 2009 go out with a bang, and have 2010 be even better.
Cheers, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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