New Things (And I’m Sorry)

I’d say I haven’t written anything in the last year, and apologize, but that would be a misnomer given all the digital drafting I do for Raidious now. But nonetheless, I feel some sort of guilt for not having written anything here lately.


Beyond feeling sorry, I’ve been investing time, money, and not living in a house to finally move into a house. Long story short, I bought a fixer-upper in Fletcher Place (read: cool, hip neighborhood in Indy) and have been subsequently mooching my father’s handyman skills to turn it into a liveable urban abode.


(my father and brother taking a coffee break between episodes of laying hardwood floor)

It would be easy to say that nothing else has happened since I last updated anything here. Both of my siblings have married, and I survived Hurricane Matthew to witness one of them. Did another Christmas in England, because who doesn’t like Christmas in England?

And this year sees me get to put on my Director shoes and, you know….direct things. I’ll let you know how that goes.

And in the meantime, if you’d like to keep track of me on a more frequent basis – head over here…

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