Cask of Aged Information – ‘Life Conspires to Beat the Rebel out of you’

Last week I stumbled upon a shelf of aged (18 month, and quite delicious) issues of Business Week, Fast Company, Inc, and similar ilk of publications. At the same time, I’ve been complaining lately to a select group of people about my lack of good ideas concerning interesting blog content. A wealthy backlog of magazines has potentially (you be the judge) solved that problem.

So, instead of moan in my dry, dry desert of creativity, I’ve decided to glance through my casks of aged information for any nuggets of wisdom from months past that came true, or were total BS.

I suppose the latter represents a different kind of nugget.

May 2008 – Concerning Alex Bogusky and the newly rebellious Microsoft Continue reading “Cask of Aged Information – ‘Life Conspires to Beat the Rebel out of you’”

Things that keep me up at night (understanding my why)

Motivational speakers often comment on the importance of your “why” and understanding exactly what your “why” is for doing the things you do. Until very recently, I think I’ve had lots of trouble actually enacting this kind of vision into everyday life in a way that is meaningful to my activities.

This post is a little more personal than things I usually write, so if you’re not at all interested in learning more about what makes me tick, you might go back to Hulu and be happier for it. Continue reading “Things that keep me up at night (understanding my why)”