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My question is: would I still need to worry about disinfecting my water for storage? (Note this article has been updated since it’s original post date, as reflected by the comments below), Continue reading: Water Barrel Storage For Emergency. The most dangerous of all animals out there. Trying to link this with Long Term Drinking water if someone STOLE my 12 volt shurflo portable water pump or dumped nastiness into my well that would be a Personal SHTF for me. Of course, I check the water during each rotation, and so far have found the water to be free of odor, foul taste, etc., and have suffered no ill effects from consuming it. – Poke/drill a hole through the bung. I say that you should assess your situation, your surroundings (do you have access to other water sources than tap water? You know us elitists, I went to the Venezuelan Consulate and converted a$100 bill into Bolivars. The EMAS hand pumps do not use leathers. The level of chlorine is typically measured at 0.5 – 1 ppm (parts per million) as tested with a swimming pool chlorine test kit. Jane, I have my great grandparents’ cast iron twine dispenser that they used in their General Store in the early 1900s! BigT, Many plastic containers tho no “meant for water” are food grade. Wasn’t necessary, but he insisted. You can filter it and/or purify it (e.g. Paid for it by not eating out, not drinking with the boys, or chasin’ women (my wife wouldn’t approve). When the light says the filter is bad, just pull out the filter and put it back in. Usually the best source is municipal water from your faucet tap at home. That’s about a year’s worth for the animals. I’m slipping Father Smurf! The cost of a given size water jug is probably much less than the equivalent number of canning jars…. Ken, when I read on other sites, the folks that did this, seemed to mostly use this method to fill up the odd empty spots in their canner. The price is right,Free, would this be seen as a suitable container for H2O? A few main considerations to observe before getting into the methods of storing water: We will now cover five different ways to store water and build more resiliency into our lives. If you do a google search you will find many examples. I have only been storing water for a year and the year old water tastes, looks, and smells good. Contact Us What I really need is some sort of cistern, just haven’t figured out how I want to arrange it so as to have well water to all and kitchen. Modern Throwback — am thinking I’ve heard of/read of milk jugs being handy for another use too….cut the bottom off so you can insert large ball of string or twine, and thread the end out the pouring hole of the jug. Trying to do my part ! And because I hate having so much water in one location, I’ve been pestering my man to get a 200-300 gallon tank to store elsewhere, nearer to the creek and totally out of sight. I would suggest if used in water to use in glass storage containers only as the silver in solution will readily adhere to plastics and metal containers. Thanks for all the info ! The other choice is that I can buy a $15 barrel, clean it, fill it and forget about it for a while which makes the choices real easy for my lazy self. … On the plastic milk jugs for frozen water we prefer to use the clear plastic Crystal Geyser one gallon water jugs. i am no scientist/chemist/expert my friend… but considering you will potentially have unknown high amounts of chemical residue inside…please do not use it. Thanks for the reply. Drying keeps all the germs and bacteria’s away from the food as the water content is low. Of course when it comes time to drinking it, all you need to do is purify it and/or boil it if you are concerned. I eventually amassed about 50, kept them stored in a cool dry environment. I use milk jugs for shortest term. Could I add vinegar to my redwood cistern instead of bleach? They will leak out so slowly that you don’t notice, and then you will have an empty container. – me2, I did make one observation. I live in Phoenix, AZ. It will take more than an ordinary rinse. Looking for a financial adviser who sees the world through a similar lens as we do? The question of how much does one need to store is the most common. Bottled water is available in almost any location in a variety of sizes. Durability of bottles for long-term storage is questionable (would need to protect the floor from leaks if storing under a bed). I drain and replenish my water storage at least once a year. Dave,I too live in Ohio,I have had 4 (55 gal) filled for the last 3 winters.never had a problem.Leave about 3 inchs of head space. – Grandparents had a rural farmhouse with about 600 gallons about 20 feet up to the base of the cistern, filled by windmill. Well, I purchased a blue 55 gallon water storage barrel and have kept it down in my basement since some time in 1999. And that water wasn’t treated, but looked clear as when stored after many years. This system could also be rigged for rainwater collection with the needed first rain fall diverters into GARDEN-Animal water supply and a filter if you feel your rainwater needs it. (START YOUR AMZN SHOPPING HERE). SUPPORT MSB at no extra cost to you: ), – By the way, the last three rainfall events were 0.1″, 0.4″ and 0.2″ all this year. It would be an easy, economical solution to your problem. Thought long and hard about the expenditure, but figured having it should I need it was better than griping and complaining about not having it. Sprinkler and drip irrigation … The heavy-duty cardboard boxes stack easily and protect the jugs from rupture and light exposure. ;^) Having said that, I do not have first hand experience with freezing a 55-gallon barrel with water. Water tastes wonderful. We remove all the chorine from our tap water due to it being a poison when it is used by a charcoal filter. Still haven’t figured out exactly how I am going to do this. These water soak pits called as Madakas in Karnataka, Pemghara in Odisha and Johads in Rajasthan, are one of the oldest systems used to conserve and recharge ground water. Here we explore ways to ensure you are prepared to meet these types of situations without much effort or concern. Thank you. Hello Brother from another Mother! It pains me to read about the lack of storage of water for households in the US. Now, pour yourself a glass, then put it the freezer, it will be fine. Nothing like climbing the windmill tower and turning the fan by hand a time or two to remind you to turn the water off. There seems to be no one that is really concerned about sterilizing the water. put garbage bags over them. Our rain runoff from the roof would tend to be very dirty, and a limited amount of water. Because it comes from the heavens, and it’s sitting in a barely-protected barrel … I am not sure if purchasing the 55 gal blue barrels would be better. The jugs are recyclable and can frequently be found in the recycle bins in public campgrounds by the hundreds. If you’re going to check it out, a very reputable and certified USA Berkey distributor is The Berkey Guy. (forget the rest of that lyric though…). My question is, if the bung hole is allowing air to exchange, can stuff get inside and "grow? you walk down some rock stairs to get into the house, is a really tropical semi jungle setup, pretty cool actually, not so sure i would chose that as a way to live, but we may all be heading there anyway. Store your long-term drinking water storage containers in a relatively cool place so as to avoid heat which will promote growth of algae, etc. I put those garden hose attachments on the spout and use it to water the garden etc. I appreciate any response as I know that this is not the best storage solution. We’ve actually had weekends where we would live a post-SHTF lifestyle for practice, and it’s nice to grab a jug, invert the spigot contained in the cap, and set it beside the sink for running water. at least in that situation, then, there wouldn’t seem to be extra expense with the process, and make good use of available spots, and possibly some “extra” jars. Build a frame and put up insulated walls and door. They are built to bury and are fairly cheap. My only option may be to just try it and see, knowing I may be out a barrel if it breaks (hopefully I can get it outside before water gets everywhere). Having a couple of 55 gallon barrels of water is ok but not for long term survival. It froze, but so far has not cracked or leaked. Can you dig a hole big enough to store them in? Has anyone ever processed water in glass canning jars with a seal? I like that… “With water, there’s hope.” ;). Most folks who begin to learn about storing water will come across containers specifically designed for water storage and transport on the medium scale. pour in water treat with chlorine…twist the plastic to contain water While a hand pump with replacement leathers is a solid backup that Solar water pump (WITH Replacement Parts and a spare solar panel or two for hail storms etc.) The District’s required storage and pumping capacity is evaluated using two different methods, described below: Method 1 Peak Hour Supply – All Above Ground Storage. in fact, since there is less “organic” in canned water, I wonder if it would last MUCH longer? Found this quote from an article re: the history of health support uses of silver. you could make like 5 galon or so bladders…. – I have two bathrooms (actually three) at opposite ends of a ranch-style house on a slab. I have 1 better for you… Use a super solution of salt water for your frozen jugs… Just like you would put salt in the water for a higher boil point, it also works on the other end of the spectrum for a colder freeze point. For long term storage, always try to use opaque, airtight containers and store them in cool, dark spaces. Two would stretch that cushion. I ust bleach and allow o sit for 30 min so solution covers all. Have obtained permission from neighbors across the road to put a solar powered pump in the creek if needed. Elements of a Safe Water Storage Container Loosen the bungs a bit. Or do you? There are several varieties. About How long will water last if it is sealed in one of the 5 gal glass jug? Can I store (and later safely drink) reverse osmosis water long-term in glass containers without treating it? Anywhere from 1 gallon to 2.5 gallons can be purchased for very little, and you can get a few days’ supply of water in one shopping trip. I am sure you have given thought about dead animals in that surface water and the needed water purification needed. Power requirements are modest at around 7 amps, easy with a solar panel set up. IT can be re-oygenated by pouring from container to container…ie glass to glass. I applaud you for taking the steps to secure water. Amazingly soft, strong, supple, and absorbent. Do you think this water is good and it is a good idea to do it this way? It’s not recommended to reuse bottles for drinking water. Assume that ALL water from wells, rivers, and ponds is contaminated. Say, every 6-months. After spending much of my youth in the dry side of Washington State where they say it takes 4-6 acres PER steer (and you have to PUMP water for them) and my sandbox exercises in the Army, I chose to live where trees grow naturally. something to look into. A lot of this sort of thing is being engineered to biodegrade faster. (If it is, it may be a bit warmer than otherwise). Fitted it with a gate-valve and hose fittings so I can use the demand water pump to back feed the home through the lawn water faucet. Really want to install a second tank beside it. 50 gallons would be just about enough for 2 people for a month (bare minimum). We just bought a 1/2 gallon in one of those containers so I’ll give that a try instead of the plastic milk jug. Large volume for multi-day supply of fresh water. How long you can store it depends on if it’s contaminated to begin with, or you are letting contaminants get in, or environmental conditions are enabling organic contaminants to ‘grow’ in it. We keep three gallons of filtered water available in the pantry (stored in the original half-gallon case with extra cardboard padding between the bottles) and rotate them in and out by using them in the car as part of our everyday carry car kit (one gallon in the car at all times). Gravity flow is tough with out serious engineering effort friend. Knowing your area, the waterways and the geological aspects of your area is vital for survival. Took forever to do 55 gallons. Distilled water should not be , but maybe? Most people here just drink the rain water straight out of the water tanks. Typically, though, we average around a foot or so of rainfall per year. I use the vinegar jugs, if they are in a rotation and going thru it every 3-4 months. Nice. Creek is uphill from here so it’s just a matter of raising water over the bank then running it down to my place. Think of a bung that has a hole to a tube with a balloon on it- or a piece of closed off surgical tubing- this should be ample to accommodate any air that may be forced out due to the expansion of the water due to freeze. Stock up on chlorine ! If so how were your results? That’s what elitist preppers do. Did I just re-create the old style ice blocks??? idea is to contain as much water any way you can as fast as can…(esecially if/when fallout or other things could be on the way.? that Ready Made Resources sells here on this site is an excellent investment. I wonder if just leaving headroom for expansion, but keeping the bung hole sealed would be risky? Psi? All seems to be well. If the ice is left inside the carton it holds longer, the melting phase is slowed down. Normal year is 115 inches of rain. Energy storage is the capture of energy produced at one time for use at a later time to reduce imbalances between energy demand and energy production. Something like this: Easy Heat Cold Weather Pipe Heating Cable. The result will simply be a change in air pressure within the container as the temperature fluctuates in temperature. I hear rumors that a LOT of Folks THINK they will Hunt for FOOD during the SHTF event. Oh, I got room for 6-8 more of these barrels, I’ll have to bring a few more home. It takes nitrogen and/or sunlight for algea to grow. Gallon-sized jugs can cost as little as $1, sometimes less, and can come in cases of 6. Food: started with 3 days then 3 months, creeping up on a year’s worth. You don’t know what will happen, who might show up and how long it might last. Dennis, I guess I’m a prepping elitist too! Just my take. I am actually trying to get a group together to begin some major prepping with our own little compound and enough water storage to feed a small community. Therefore, water storage on farmlands is an affordable interim method of … – I had actually researched the plastic septic/water tanks myself. I’m American but moved to Australia to be with my husband nearly 5 years ago. All my comments on my water preps presuppose having good water filtration preps also. I would like to know, and thanks. Dangerous, but we still drink it. I don’t know why I didn’t think of using them for water storage. Timing is strange on this topic. I’d share a pic of the drum but Lexington Containers doesn’t have it on their website now. NASTY and Brutish with out even wet rag baths or toilet flushes. The following ways to store water will hopefully provide you with the insights and methods to make the process a whole lot easier. There is a better answer, Reverse Osmosis filter the water which will remove almost all impurities and then place it in sterile containers which are lightproof in a cool place. Might work for wool, too. …as you said Ken…using bpa free containers designed for drinking… I have larger jugs to flush with and smaller ones or spouted ones so even the kids can et their own drink. Yes it would help, but, it will only slow down the freeze (unless the room or location they are stored in gets above freezing long enough to prevent the equilibrium temperature from setting in below 32F. – Are the bottles opaque? That’s why alternative water saving methods are critical and there’s a strong drive to encourage rain and stormwater harvesting using tanks and water storage systems in urban and rural areas. I can vouch for the KELLYKETTLE! The 65 psi that city water pressures need means a 150 foot high tower. Finding a way to keep it from freezing would be the thing to do. A normally active person needs at least one-half gallon of water daily just for drinking. DO Protect from sun and light. This method requires the most planning and infrastructure investment, but also provides the largest volume available and longer duration of use when water is in short supply. Does yours have the topside screw on cap? So, learnings from the history only suggests that water … Make it taste better. by Ken Jorgustin | Sep 12, 2019 | 199 comments, Water is THE most important resource for survival. Although one could boil water whenever one needs to…. Finished water storage … Review the following articles by Peak Prosperity members about how they manage and setup their bulk water systems:  | Rainwater Harvesting | Water Storage: An Example of Resiliency Building. When I saw so many “Elitist” comments brew up from so many others on this list I knew CD from OK was getting slammed. No basement, no crawl space. with a few screws). I live in the south where it’s sunny, hot at humid. Hope this helps you think about this prep. then put a “lid” over top seal with the caulk…could also use plywood on sides also but just make real strong. I have collected water from tarps in the past, just not what I would prefer to do for drinking water. Thus I suggest you not underestimate brief rain showers. :). 1,000 gallon water tank. When I did empty these jugs, I used the juice jugs water in the Berkey. Featured image: Reservoir at Nabataean city of ancient Hawara, modern … What are your thoughts and or suggestions? In addition, raising water tables in the EAA to increase water storage is overall more costly, but yearly costs are very low. Start with good pure clean water2. I’d like CD from OK to come back? A 5000 litre water rainwater tank is mandatory on all new build homes in Queensland, where we live. So I started with 1 gal. Be mindful of possible water damage issues. But If I gotta do that, I’m buggin out. Recharge trench cum injection well:- in this method a trench is dug of about 1-2 m wide and 1-2 m deep. Collect from the gutter system; use a solar pump to move it to another elevated cistern for gravity water pressure and that’s it. “•Pioneers trekking across the American West found that if they placed silver or copper coins in their casks of drinking water, it kept the water safe from bacteria, algae, etc.”. They are super heavy-duty. Use bleach/juice jugs. In my previous post, I explained the four 55 gal. How about a plastic septic tank? Having said that and to answer your question with an opinion… the only slight concern I can come up with is the chance that there may have been some food/juice spillage from the other food jars while boiling which potentially could have worked its way into your water jars of the same batch (although a doubtful probability)? Again the weakness I’ve seen in most emergency rainwater collection systems is LACK of enough storage. P.S.-the demand water pump was a gift from a neighbor for keeping his yard mowed when he couldn’t. I realize it would need to be cleaned a bit but thats a lot of storage if the need arose. Bathtub Water Storage Blatters. could also use the type of construction glue/used in caulking guns…to seal water. all those esp 3 liter jugs do work well for water storage. You’re not missing anything – everyone else is. Thanks for the tip. You may also use pretty much any food-grade storage container, but keep a common sense approach to how and what you choose. – In the past, I have found it by the Grid Squares and the radio squelch oil! You place the bladder in the tub and fill it with clean water while the supply is available and reliable. There I go showing my elitism by wanting backup to my backup preps. Works better if you have a way to freeze, or at least cool the to-be-refilled cylinders before you attempt to refill them. Both can boil water and cook food. Slowly, as I could afford it, I gathered up the necessary down pipes and elbows to divert water run-off from my roof gutters to replenish it, should the need arise. Not an expert or a scientist, but……years ago, I started storing water when we lived on a property that had a well and iffy electrical power. Pretty much free. Had it for three years now. Maybe dig a large hole, put in the barrels, fill them, then cover with plywood and a few inches of soil. There are many emergency situations and events that can cause your everyday water supply to become unavailable or undrinkable. There’s already too much chemicals in “City” water. Lots of homes, both older and newer(mine included) have a tap that is rainwater plumbed to the kitchen. If I open the round cap would that let in the germs, etc. Some WH techniques collect runoff to encourage infiltration to increase groundwater … The EMAS hand pump information I have uses a marble in a seat seal and mentions need for rebuilding that seat seal now and then due to suspended water grit wear. I pulled out a cardboard juice container from the freezer about a year ago forgot it was on the floor next to the freezer. Heck a busted water main or town employee who let the e-coli get too high can cause you issues at home and your quality of life can change. You might also consider a biomass stove. Inside, outside, garage? I appreciate any comments. After it’s frozen I add a bit more and redo until close to the top. Thanks Ken, just what I was looking for I needed the numbers and I like the boiling but as we know that takes fuel. For my Family, we would need about one per day for drinking. Store in a good environmentally preferable storage location. The most common function of water storage is to cover short-term use flows that are greater than the flow of the water source. Dave I have 3 open top “pickle” 65gl barrels and 2 -250gl plastic tanks and 1 -30gl bung hole barrel that all sit outside. I too need to talk to the lady of the house about a second septic tank for cistern use. Sorry. Would this work for our water? I want to fill each of them with my well water and put ten cc of H202 in them and then put them in my crawl space under my home. I would rotate that supply to maintain its freshness.If not a personal well is chlorinated. I live in central Arizona so I don’t have the problem of my water freezing.In the summer our temp’s can and will be over 100 and not cool off that much in the night. It looked nice & clear. As long as your water is oxygenated, it won’t become stagnant. Water will go stale after a while. I looked up reversing diabetes naturally on you tube when I found out I had it, by my first follow up I had reversed it back to normal. And why not have a second large water tank? Two things I like to ask; first, how long will store bought bottle water keep if left unopened and stored in a cool, dark location inside; and secondly, I keep between 70 and 100 gallons stored in plastic containers that were not made for water in a cool, dark location in my shed as “gray water” for cleaning and sanitation purposes. wrap with duct tape then wire or string/rope. Every spring I drain the water out and replace with fresh. We are a 2 genny household, as well. Irrigation consumes double the quantity of water in comparison to all other uses. Artful Ferrocement Tanks In North America, the vast majority of water tanks are made of plastic or metal. per person per day. A dam is constructed underground to obstruct the flow of underground water and create a reservoir … Papa Smurf I researched plastic septic tanks. A good filter is worth every dime. None had leaked or corroded, and the water was clear, no smell. It has been several years (10 years in some cases). To clarify, the water is municipal water that I’ve run thru a reverse osmosis system. Keep in mind the recommendation that you have one gallon of water per person per day for emergency situations. It is recommended that you have two gallons of water per person per day.

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