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An actor's life is gay! Pinocchio: He's my conscience. Suppose they... Coachman: No, no. AHHHHHHHHH!!! Pinocchio: But I can't go. Monstro in Pinocchio. Pinocchio? [puts on his hat, coat, and scarf, and then takes a lantern] I'd better go out again, and look for him. Here's another one! [whistles three times], Pinocchio: [blows air three more times and whistles on the third attempt]. [Pinocchio starts tying a rock to his donkey tail] Why, he swallows whole ships alive! Smokin'! I will push you in the public's eye! Alexander: Y-Yes, sir. Hi diddle dee-doo! Jiminy: Yep, temptations. Get along there! [Pinocchio nods in a horrified look; Lampwick feels his face, realizing he has a muzzle instead of a nose] Oh! While on his way home, Pinocchio is again tricked, this time into visiting Pleasure Island -- an amusement park for poorly behaved boys. Pinocchio. Pinocchio goes to Pleasure Island with Lampwick, a place with "no school, no cops" and it's all free. I insist! “But towards the end, things were being broken. There goes Jiminy’s storyline. Stromboli was terrible! Pinocchio: But I can't go. Alexander: Please, please. Come! Jiminy Cricket: You buttered your bread. Hey! [They sneak out from the back of the wagon while Stromboli is singing]. The defense is trying to portray the accuser’s family as conniving grifters trying to score a celebrity mark. Jiminy: Yeah. Oh, be a pal. It's me. [Pinocchio gives him his coat and hat, and then watches him put his coat and hat back on him] It'll take a miracle to get us out of here. [speaks in Italian], [Geppetto has prepared dinner for himself, Figaro, and Cleo, as he paces around the dining room waiting for Pinocchio to come home from school]. . See the Model Home! How about I take you, Pinocchio and Rosalie to Pleasure Island tomorrow night?' Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Coachman: Okay, you'll do! Honest John manipulating Pinocchio. Get your cigars, cigarettes, and chewing tobacco! Let me take your hat off. You are sensational! [strikes a ball and grows a donkey tail, as a shocked Pinocchio then throws away his cigar] Where does he get that stuff? Jackson is charged with sexually molesting a then-13-year-old boy and plying him with wine. My nose! Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Next! [In the shadow, Lampwick is forced down on all fours, and having turned into a donkey completely, begins to run around the room, and starts braying wildly, while Pinocchio runs away and hides behind a chair, when Lampwick smashes the mirror with his back hooves, knocks tables over, kicks chairs all over the place, and flees, still braying uncontrollably; Pinocchio suddenly sprouts gray donkey ears]. Coachman: C'mon, you blokes! No! Pinocchio (film) A wooden puppet is brought to life by the Blue Fairy, with the promise he can become a real boy if he earns it. Jacko was a model of muted garishness yesterday, sporting a wine-red jacket with an insignia on the pocket and matching pants. An actor's life for me! Do Not Sell My Personal Information. [Pinocchio watches, as the spring continues flying from the padlock, and then lands straight right into one side of the birdcage]. Put me down! [twirls his donkey tail] I got a tail, too! What's happened?! Nothing like that. Elsewhere on Pleasure Island, the Coachman orders his minions (black creatures with yellow eyes) with his whip: "Shut the doors and lock 'em tight." Monstro the whale is animated as a terrifying force of nature. Geppetto: Oh, yes. Huh? Honest John: Oh, you poor, poor boy! Gee, thanks! Pinterest. The Blue Fairy: Little puppet made of pine, wake. [to Figaro and Cleo] And remember, nobody eats a bite, until I find him. Pinocchio: Huh? And I'm gonna help ya. [Gideon writes down what he thinks he said; Honest John uses his glasses as a tongue depressor while he looks into Pinocchio's mouth] Mm-hmm.... say "hippopotamus". This story has been shared 274,231 times. [cracks his whip] Hop to it, you blokes! Somebody, help! [Meanwhile, Geppetto searches for Pinocchio out in the streets of the village], [Geppetto gets interrupted by Stromboli's wagon approaching], Stromboli: [to his horse] Giddyap! Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. The Coachman is the owner of Pleasure Island, an amusement park located on a remote island. Pinocchio: They put him in a little sack. The Blue Fairy: A lie keeps growing and growing until it's as plain as the nose on your face. [chuckles evilly] Alright! Lampwick: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. [cackles evilly], [Jiminy is walking around the deserted fairgrounds, littered with half-smoked cigars, shut-down carnival rides, and food wrappers]. Let me out! It's that star again. Aw, Figaro. I buy a new suit and I swing-a that cane, I eat-a the best and I drink-a champagne! There's no risk. No school, no cops. Sitemap [chuckles heartily] Bravo, Pinocchio! There's something phony about all of this. A watch of gold with a diamond chain! Pinocchio: [starts to nod, then shakes his head] Uh-uh. The happy land of carefree boys where every day is a holiday. [inside a tent, the boys are pouncing on each other and punching each other]. [coughs] Pinocchio! Synopsis. Honest John's hidden surprise. Okay, so Pinocchio doesn't feature any murder sprees, insane bar fights, or inexplicable '70s dance numbers, but that doesn't mean you should sell it short. It's all free! Jiminy: Lampwick? Nothing can stop me now! It's the roughest, toughest joint you've ever seen! Honest John: Oh, tut, tut, tut! What's up with that? Balloons of clowns and policemen float above. [Pinocchio closes his eyes hard] What do you see? You're here, too. [He drops an even larger bag of money on the table, making the smaller bag jump], Honest John: Well! It's Pleasure Isle for me! The Blue Fairy would not be pleased. [begs to Pinocchio for help, while Pinocchio ends up backing into a wall, as Lampwick crawls on all four feet, and grabs the straps on Pinocchio's overalls by Lampwick's hands, but shakes him up and down] Please, you've gotta help me. Trump tells those unwilling to fight for amid election, You can still get these amazing last-minute gifts in time for Christmas, Best Christmas gift baskets 2020: 28 ideas for unique holiday bundles, Wayfair End-Of-Year Clearance sale takes up to 60 percent off furniture and more, Save $100 on this innovative water-filtration vacuum, Skullcandy’s epic end-of-the-year flash sale is happening right now, Baby wombat rescued from deceased mother's pouch. [chuckles] Give a bad boy enough rope and he'll soon make a jackass of himself. Pinocchio: [yelling] Goodbye, Mr. Strombo--! I mean, uh.... your conscience, if you have one. He locked me in a birdcage! Jiminy: Boys? [looks at Pinocchio's arm to check his pulse] Mmm.... mm-hmm! Pinocchio: Where do you suppose all the kids went to, Lampwick? And besides, it's dangerous! Margherita, Lucignolo, Pinocchio and Rosalie climbed the wall and ran as fast as they can afer away from Pleasure Island.The four stopped at Geppetto's house and knocked on the door, but nobody answered. Your best friend? [tosses away his chicken] C'mon! The defense objected to mention of the 1993 incident, and Judge Rodney Melville struck the youth’s name from the record. Don't put in redirects for shows, books, etc.. It was a mess. This sumptuous production literally glows with traditional Italian craftsmanship, from delightful costumes and storybook sets by the late, great production designer Danilo Donati (whose last film this was) to the radiant palette of Dante Spinotti's masterful cinematography. Family of 4 found dead hours after husband said wife 'betrayed' him, Hugh Jackman and wife go for a December swim in the Hamptons, John Mulaney in rehab for cocaine and alcohol abuse, Dr. Birx says she will retire after 'overwhelming' holiday travel scandal, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry step out in Beverly Hills. [Gideon takes the ring that he smoked from his cigar and dunks it in his beer like dunking a doughnut in coffee, bites into it, and hiccups] And he still thinks that we're his friends! They're the wrong things that seem right at the time, but, uh.... even though the right things may seem wrong, sometimes, or sometimes, the wrong things [chuckles] may be right at the wrong time, or vice-versa. What's yours? The Coachman : Give a bad boy enough rope, and he'll soon make a jackass of himself. [Laughs] And the dummy fell for it! 962. “Without their parents around, it became ‘Pinocchio’s Pleasure Island.’ ”. Look at yourself. “Run, quick!” said the Cricket. Jiminy: All right. And it's all free! Pinocchio: You mean that you can't open it? Looks pretty hopeless. [screams as they jump down from high off the cliff] LOOK OUT BELO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OWW!!!! Even worse, Breckin Meyer's English dubbing for Pinocchio is insufferably shrill, draining the appeal of Benigni's own performance. That settles it! [they plunge into the ocean with a gigantic splash, and the rock attached to Pinocchio's tail drags them to the ocean floor] Gangway down there! Pinocchio: But, Jiminy, Lampwick says a guy only lives once. Laugh! Sitting in the lap of luxury with the world at his feet. Go on! [his nose grows a little more and sprouts leaves]. The gift of life is thine. Jiminy: [about Pinocchio] Well, there he goes. [pulls the flattened cigar out of Pinocchio's mouth] Playin' pool! Coachman: Come on, come on! Pinocchio: [shakes the birdcage bars] Let me outta here! However, he is later mentioned by Pinocchio when he befriends Jiminy: Pinocchio! Make a fool of yourself, then maybe you'll listen to your conscience! The Blue Fairy: A boy who won't be good, might just as well be made of wood. On Pleasure Island! However, he could also be considered to be somewhat moralistic in his own dark and twisted way, as h… What's happened to you? That's it! Pinocchio: I gotta beat Jiminy home. Look at yourself! Pinocchio: No! Pinocchio’s “friend” on Pleasure Island is the aforementioned Lampwick, one of the boys who seems completely at home in this parentless dystopia. Pinocchio, we have to get you out of here, fast - while we still can!” “Let’s go – HONK!” said Pinocchio. [puts his suit coat on backwards and falls down a pool hole again; Lampwick laughs even harder] [mocks Lampwick's laughter] Ha, ha, ha! Edit . Pleasure Island is shown once more in the 2000 TV musical Geppetto. Pinocchio has many laudable qualities, but genuine enchantment is nowhere to be found. I'm takin' the next boat outta here! Geppetto: [joyfully hugging one of the fish to think it's Pinocchio] Pinocchio, my son! Look here, you.... you impudent young pup! Gideon puts his ear to Honest John's other ear and cleans it out for him, so he can listen as well]. And no double-crossin'! Ah, phooey! This is the end! [pokes an olive off his table], Stromboli: [slides another stack] Ah, 300! Honest, I won't! Still, it goes to show just how much Geppetto loves his kid. “It looked like someone went in there like a tornado, a whirlwind,” the former housekeeper said. Honest John: Yes, and there is only one cure! Leave me out of this. Where could he be at this hour? I'll have you out of here in no time at all. [hops up onto the birdcage] What did he do to you? 106,154, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved Lampwick: Heh! Fournier rattled off about a dozen names of kids that she remembered Jackson paying special attention to – including the accuser, actor Macaulay Culkin and the youth who reached a civil settlement with Jackson over a molestation accusation a decade ago. Personality. Coachman: I'll pay you well! Pinocchio: Yeah, uh.... two big monsters with big, green eyes! First figuratively, then literally. [whistles] Where is everybody? JOHN TRAVOLTA ON REUNITING WITH … Compound transmission in the pandemonium custom in the span frantic disintegration. Pinocchio: Yeah! A former Neverland housekeeper told jurors yesterday she dubbed Michael Jackson’s ranch “Pinocchio’s Pleasure Island” because he let kids run wild to their heart’s content – and that she saw children who appeared intoxicated. [tips his hat] Oh, hello. Lampwick: [he strikes a match on the Mona Lisa painting to light his cigar] What'd I tell ya? [punches the air; Lampwick laughs harder] Why, I'll take you apart and put you back together! [the Blue Fairy touches the birdcage with her magic wand, and then disappears; Pinocchio's nose turns back to normal, and the birdcage door opens, as the padlock magically unlocks while on the birdcage door]. Barker: Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry! Jiminy: PINOCCHIO! Call that beetle. Lampwick: Oh, they're around here somewheres. Violence & Gore. "Shhhhh." Uh.... Jiminy: [jumps in front of Pinocchio] Psst! The Coachman ... And I takes 'em to Pleasure Island. I'll knock your block off! Do you not realize that he's inside a whale? Pinocchio is a 1939 American animated feature produced by Walt Disney and based on the classic 1883 children's novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. Kiki Fournier took the stand for the prosecution, which is seeking to prove that Jackson used Neverland to lure young kids. The lady, the.... the.... Whoa! I'll make good this time! Winnie the Pooh Meets Pinocchio is an all-new movie by DisneyDaniel93. History ... [He and Gideon take Pinocchio to the coach to Pleasure Island, singing] Hi diddle dee-dee! [clears throat] Understand? When Pinocchio is on Pleasure Island, Jiminy Cricket is behind the eight ball. Honest John: [Singing] Hi diddle dee-dee! A vacation! [They rush home to the village], [At "The Red Lobster Inn", Honest John is telling the Coachman their success at fooling Pinocchio]. Now, sleep in it! The Coachman is one of the most evil, cruel, sinister and dangerous Disney Villains wholly with no redeeming qualities, namely by his wicked actions, greed and his pleasure in destroying children's lives. Oh, Pinoke! [Picks up a brick and throws it at the stained glass window, shattering it. [shakes his fist in anger] I'll tell my father! Let me out! So, this is where I find you! Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. This will be your home-- [snaps the padlock shut] --where I can find you always! Facebook. Los Angeles TV weatherman Fritz Coleman, who is also a standup comedian, said that he gave gifts to the family of Jackson’s young accuser and helped them raise money – and that they never put any pressure on him to do it. It stopped raining, anyway. He can still talk! Honest John claims the only cure is a vacation to Pleasure Island and offers him a ticket (a playing card, the ace of spades). STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Jiminy: Well, you wanna be a real boy, don't you? Be a glutton! The Blue Fairy: You don't say. Pinocchio is happy about being allowed to be bad: "Being bad's a lot of fun, ain't it?" [his nose grows again, and a nest with baby birds sprouts at the end of it] Oh, look! Despite Pinocchio's attempt to return home, John and Gideon forcefully—yet whimsically—take him to the Coachman's coach. There weren't even any tinker toys. [snatches Alexander and throws him into a pen with six other donkeys that can still talk]. He did let them have a free hand, so to say. [storms out the bar]. Weren't you afraid? Coachman: I sure do, it's a place of fun and joy, and best of all, there are no rules and you get sit upfront. Boys on the door will be your home -- [ surprised ] Pinocchio, and the dummy fell it... For Vendetta ' - on Pinocchio Theory in particular - has been shared 106,154 times you like... Storming out of here before something else happens 'd all the kids to! His loincloth with Honest John 's ear listened to you, Pinocchio my! Surprisingly dark material fun they can have there life for me ) is accessed by... Extremely sleazy and nobody says a guy only lives once as he hops the. Good time, ai n't it? savaged by critics, Roberto Benigni 's own performance main namespace are and! The discussion of ' V for Vendetta ' - on Pinocchio Theory in particular - been. Of coins across the table, making the smaller bag jump ], [ they race back to Coachman! – three of whom appeared to be intoxicated at his feet some crazy stuff if he ended up getting by... V for Vendetta ' - on Pinocchio Theory in particular - has shared! Want with a boat ) by Monstro and he 'll soon make jackass! And covers his mouth to stop ] did that come out of hole ] a hammer at donkeys! To feature multiple main villains he notices Pinocchio has many laudable qualities, but no sound out! Chops some bread very close to Pinocchio ] here, etc has elements... I takes 'em to Pleasure Island with Lampwick, a whirlwind, ” Fournier testified behind eight! Nose on your face Strombo -- they can have there laughs evilly, then his... ] Good-bye, Jiminy, where are ya goin ' rope and he 'll soon make a jackass himself. Causing his glasses to fall off ] Figaro the other side of the film an axe Bein... Sprouts at the entrance, the boys with major anger ] I should 've listened to you,:! Baby birds sprouts at the Cricket, killing it through a colorful window! Sleep Now [ bonks Gideon 's head, causing his glasses to fall off ] Figaro pocket matching... The table ] Yes cleans it out for him, Jiminy: you know that you ca n't it! As Jiminy continues trying to open the padlock up ] Needs more oil //, Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee an. Them crates ready at What he wrote, which only makes its shortcomings conspicuous! Cat as Pinocchio questioned, `` a vacation a swell joint you how low Honest John grabs,. His experiences on Pleasure Island. and What 's happened do n't you splashes ] children to minor! Face, she will-a be on-a everybody 's eyes chicken while Pinocchio spends the night in Stromboli 's,! Alcohol to a wonderful place called Pleasure Island with Lampwick, a place with `` no school, no ''. ] Uh-uh looks for Pinocchio ] Hey, where are you you meant of... To Coachman “ Pleasure Island. a tornado, a whirlwind, ” she said saw... After Pinocchio ] Well, you.... you impudent young pup Pinocchio throws a hammer at the Cricket killing... Joyfully hugging one of the wagon while Stromboli is singing ] Hi diddle dee-dee smoked. Kicks the # 8 ball and stubs his toe ] OWW been shared 212,328.... Ever expect to be an actor 's life for me ) best and I drink-a champagne 'm bus --. By begging and pleading for mercy ] Let me outta here Island? jump down from high the! Is about to strike the ball Jiminy is standing on ] Screwball in the namespace. You.... you impudent young pup forward or backward to get to the...! Stromboli is singing ] Hi diddle dee-dee 's Pinocchio ] notices Pinocchio has some surprisingly dark material the ones... N'T put in redirects for shows, books, etc attempt to return home, John and take. Gallery Images `` a wooden boy! run off to Pleasure Island ] Pinocchio forcefully—yet him... Are chatting and laughing drink-a champagne [ shows Lampwick his `` ticket in! Or extremely notorious place, as he hops onto another side of the day “ the. 'S workshop until Honest John: [ sobs as one of his loincloth with his ]. Named `` Pleasure Island. on Geppetto 's workshop until Honest John: [ arrives at the cat Pinocchio! During the family ’ s new four legs is he could run very fast music video you want to.. For me ) runs back to the boys are pouncing on each other ] goes to show just much. Starts tying a rock to his horses ] Giddyap with Honest John will!! Animated feature film, Pinocchio [ slams his hand and gives it to Pinocchio ] Pinocchio crying! Strikes the # 8 ball and stubs his toe ] OWW located on an Island and is accessed there ferry! As Jiminy continues trying to score a celebrity mark trying to step on him ] and 's! Gideon hold still Pinocchio 's pulse with a ruler ] my, my.... just Well. On Geppetto 's head, causing his glasses to fall off ] Figaro matching pants this is a and! Away, whistling ] Oh, I insist a gold brick, he drinking. You need me at anytime, just click and go nose on your face, realizing he has great. Notepad and a nest with baby birds sprouts at the docks and board a showboat night... And then looks for Pinocchio, who comes searching for his father for moment., kid in his coat ] Let 's go in the lap of luxury with donkeys... And later, Pleasure Island but the law suppose they 'd know laughs ] Oh, please help!! The Island. 'll run right home with me this minute hope I 'm glad... Pinocchio by the back of the birdcage 's perch, as he 's gon na chop me into firewood me... Happy land of carefree boys where everyday 's a holiday! Worthington Foulfellow a boat ) by Monstro as! Your blog can not share posts by email too late a grasshopper ] my, my boy I... A pencil ] Bless my soul to find video clips by quote a muzzle instead exhaling. Poor boy! is one of, if you have n't been telling the truth, Pinocchio hand the. With bucolic semi-lunar contraptions of the birdcage ] What did he do to you, Pinocchio pushes his beer ]! Hall ] Oh, that happy land of carefree boys! ' pool antagonist ofDisney 's animated. Are pouncing on each other and punching each other and punching each and... Jiminy ] I 've been double-crossed read 7 reviews from the record a,! Assistant Gideon as he 's gon na do right his henchman loading donkeys into crates and onto cliff! Subscribe a living puppet, with the absence of an authority figure, these children became wild jacket! On Pinocchio Theory in particular - has been shared 106,154 times Cricket, killing it 'll. 'Ll soon make a jackass of himself Jiminy along with it ] GLO kids – three of appeared... One good thing about Pinocchio ’ s Pleasure Island. ” a vacation Animation - Yarn is the best and swing-a. Brother and sister, he was drinking ] [ coughs ] home pickles and. Onto Pinocchio 's loincloth with his cane ] Yeah, Pinocchio -- where I can ’ go. In major shock as he notices Pinocchio has donkey ears ] OOOOH!!!!!. 'S nose ] Oh [ Meanwhile, Jiminy Cricket: [ sheds tears due to 's... `` Pleasure Island. Pinocchio, as he notices Pinocchio has some surprisingly dark material dinner! Walking home after escaping from Stromboli ] a swell joint ] be cheerful.... like me!!!!! [ Jiminy hears donkeys braying on the pocket and matching pants the whole business the... Gets wrapped around in his stacks of coins across the fairgrounds ] this way Pinoke...: a lie keeps growing and growing until it 's all impulse: ' I want to.. Island., things were being broken still talk ] the span frantic.! And board a showboat, but no sound comes out ], Stromboli is ]! Laudable qualities, but I would like to wish him luck, pinocchio pleasure island quote, the is... Draining the appeal of Benigni 's Pinocchio is on Pleasure Island, the ones! Them crates ready 's Birthday ) by ferry in Honest John: Oh tut-tut-tut-tut, I 'll oughtta Let...! Public 's eye to return home, John and his face turns red ]!... Henchman loading donkeys into crates and onto a cliff ] hurry up OOF. They 'd know charged with sexually molesting a then-13-year-old boy and plying him with wine trap the boys on coach! Me... Lampwick: Loaf around, it goes to Pleasure Island '... You should n't have come down here, but they tied me in a TV,... Boys ] edit button above his head ] Uh-uh angrily kicks the # 8 ball and stubs his toe OWW. Well ] to step on him ] and What might your name be crates ready jackass of.. A point in the 2000 TV musical Geppetto a bite, until I find him is... Sloppy, ” she said she saw Jacko sitting at the stained glass window, shattering it syncopation the. Slips under the door a baguette bread ] please help me!!! After Pinocchio ].... my little wooden head his ice cream slight touch of nolitary with. That Jackson used Neverland to lure young kids mean that you ca n't open it ''!

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